Material Placement.


Blue Rock Material Placement

MATERIAL PLACEMENT EQUIPMENT – money saving technology

The longer a project takes, the higher the cost of the project. With this rationale we know that time consuming jobs raises cost, so having a fast and efficient way to place material at your job site will save money.  Blue Rocks Stone Slinger can dramatically reduce time spent performing material placement, in turn lowering total project cost.

Increase your profitability by using Blue Rocks Stone Slinger, the ultimate piece of equipment when it comes to material placement. You will save time and money by accurately placing high volumes of material quickly and efficiently with less manpower.


  • Blue Rocks Stone Slinger can spread material at rates of over 2 ton of gravel per minute.
  • The speed with which material is place and the distance at which it is moved is controlled by the operator.  Blue Rocks Stone Slinger has an 18 cubic yard bed that can easily be reloaded with a small wheel loader on site if needed.
  • Blue Rocks Stone Slinger can spread a variety of materials including composts, wood chips, soils, sands, and gravel.
  • Dramatically reduce time spent spreading the material by reducing or eliminating the labor usually used in manually spreading it.  When needed, Blue Rocks Stone Slinger can throw the material up to 90+ feet from the end of the conveyor to gently place the material where needed.
  • The direction, speed, and flow of material is completely controlled, avoiding any damage caused by impact when working around homes, pipes, liners, and fabrics.  It is configured for precise movements and accurate placement all done by the operator via wireless remote control allowing the operator to work from any vantage point needed for safety and accuracy.

For more information about Blue Rocks Stone Slinger please contact Blue Rock directly, we have the best equipment available in the area when it comes to material placement.

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