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Blue Rock Slipform

Blue Rock started the slipform division of its business to provide general contractors a more cost effective and efficient option of slipform curb and gutter over hand forming and precast. Slipform curb and gutter provide the following two main advantages:

Efficiency: based on the project one slipform machine and crew can complete thousands of concrete curb and gutter in a single day, in turn decreasing the amount of time a roadway or parking lot may need to be closed. The type of the curb and gutter machines that Blue Rock uses also eliminate the need to handle materials for the curb and gutter process, the machine is loaded directly from the truck.

Cost effective: because of the efficient manner of which a slipform machine and crew can pour curb and gutter a project can be completed much faster, and due to the cutting-edge curb machines, that Blue Rock has, less people and machinery are needed for the process in turn lowering the cost of the project even more.

Blue Rock uses the latest in technology pouring curb and gutter using GPS on Power Curber slipform machines. The technology is incredibly fast and accurate decreasing waste of materials, lowering job costs, and achieving grade tolerances without being dependent on survey crews having to arrive before the job can be started to install stringline.

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Provides the service of concrete pumping and delivery.
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Blue Rock Embankment Stabilization

Provides embankment stabilization for all types of projects.
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