What We Do at Blue Rock.


What we do at Blue Rock.

Blue Rock is a service provider to the construction industry. With a shortage of skilled labor in the construction industry and vast improvements made in technology, Blue Rock was formed to use the latest in technology to help offset the decrease in available labor.

Blue Rock is comprised of three divisions:

Blue Rock Slipform primarily provides curb and guttering services to general contractors. This service is done using the latest in technology by industry leading manufacturer Power Curbers. Blue Rock uses Power Curber 5700-D’s with GPS. These machines cut down on the need for additional labor that was needed to set a stringline for the previous iterations of curb machines. GPS allows for the machine to operate more efficiently than any curb machine before it, decreasing time and labor, in turn lowering the overall cost of any project Blue Rock Slipform is involved in.

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Blue Rock Slipform

Provides curb and guttering services to general contractors.
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Blue Rock Material Placement primarily provides the service of concrete pumping and delivery.

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Blue Rock Material Placement

Provides the service of concrete delivery and pumping.
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Blue Rock Embankment Stabilization primarily provides embankment stabilization for all types of projects.  Blue Rock takes pride in their equipment and the work they do in order to build a strong foundation safely, and in the most cost effective manner possible.

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Blue Rock Embankment Stabilization

Provides embankment stabilization for all types projects.
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